Introduction: Theory and Practice
 expand sectionChapter One  Ambiance, Rhetoric, and the Meaning of Things
 collapse sectionChapter Two  Transforming the Visible: In Catilinam 1 and 3
 The Temple of Jupiter Stator
 The First Catilinarian: Munitissimus Locus
 Rostra and Comitium: The Center of the Center
 The Third Catilinarian: Urbs Amissa, Urbs Restituta
 Signum Jovis
 expand sectionChapter Three Signa and Signifiers: A World Created
 expand sectionChapter Four Ethos and Locus : Ancient Perspectives
 expand sectionChapter Five  Place and Commonplace: Country and City
 expand sectionChapter Six  Ethnic Personae
 expand sectionConclusion

 expand sectionGeneral Index
 expand sectionIndex of Ancient Authors

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