Backstory 2


  Introduction: The Next Wave
  A Note on Credits
  Leigh Brackett: Journeyman Plumber
 expand sectionRichard Brooks: The Professional
 expand sectionBetty Comden and Adolph Green: Almost Improvisation
 expand sectionGarson Kanin: Self-Expression
 expand sectionDorothy Kingsley: The Fixer
 expand sectionArthur Laurents: Emotional Reality
 expand sectionBen Maddow: The Invisible Man
 expand sectionDaniel Mainwaring: Americana
 expand sectionWalter Reisch:  The Tailor
 expand sectionCurt Siodmak:  The Idea Man
 expand sectionStewart Stern:  Out of the Soul
 expand sectionDaniel Taradash:  Triumph and Chaos
 expand sectionPhilip Yordan:  The Chameleon

  Bibliographic Notes
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  Notes on Interviewers
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 expand sectionIndex of Films, Plays, Television Programs, and Books

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