William Faulkner and the Tangible Past


  Introduction  "Time and its Furniture"
  One  "The Purlieus of Elegance  The Development of Faulkner's Architectural Consciousness
  Two  "A Just and Holy Cause  The Public Sculpture of Yoknapatawpha
  Three  "Of Secret and Violent Blood"  The Indian Mounds of Yoknapatawpha
  Four  "Alien Yet Inviolably Durable  The Folk Architecture of Yoknapatawpha
  Five  The Aspirations and the Hopes  The Greek Revival of Yoknapatawpha
  Six  "Immolated Sticks and Stones"  The Gothic Revival and Its Kindred Modes
  Seven  "A Kind of Majesty"  The Postbellum Architecture of Victorian Yoknapatawpha
  Eight  "Spacious, Suave, Sonorous, and Monastic"  The Modernist Architecture of Yoknapatawpha
  Nine  Conclusion  "Each in Its Ordered Place"

  Appendix  A Letter to My Son
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