Publishing and Cultural Politics in Revolutionary Paris, 1789–1810


 expand sectionChapter One  The Freeing of the Presses, 1788–1791
 expand sectionChapter Two  The Fall of the Paris Book Guild, 1777–1791
 expand sectionChapter Three  The "Declaration of the Rights of Genius" in 1793
 expand sectionChapter Four  Cultural Crisis and Literary Politics, 1793–1799
 expand sectionChapter Five  The New World of the Printed Word, 1789–1799
 expand sectionChapter Six  Crisis, Again, and Administrative Solutions, 1799–1810

  Appendix 1  An Index of Indebtedness in the Paris Book Guild, 1789–1793 (90 individuals)
  Appendix 2  Declarations of Bankruptcy by the Paris Book Guild, 1789–1793 (17 individuals)
  Appendix 3  Signatories of the Petitions of the Printers of Paris, 1795
  Appendix 4  New Printers and Publishers/Booksellers in Paris, 1788–1813 (1,224 establishments)
  Appendix 5  Publishers, Publications, and the Dépôt Légal, 1793–1799
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