The Vestal and the Fasces

 expand sectionPrologue

 collapse section1—  Hegel Avec Lacan
 expand sectionI—  Introduction
 expand sectionII—  The Hegelian Story of Property
 collapse sectionIII—  The Lacanian Story of the Feminine
 expand sectionA—  Reading Lacan
 expand sectionB—  The Real, the Imaginary, and the Symbolic
 expand sectionC—  Adding the Third Term:  The Oedipal Romance
 D—  The Phallus, Castration, and the Imaginary Collapse of the Symbolic into the Real
 E—  "Woman Does Not Exist"
 F—  The Woman, Property, and Jouissance
 expand sectionIV—  An Abduction from the Seraglio
 expand section2—  The Fasces:  The Masculine Phallic Metaphor for Property
 expand section3—  The Vestal:  The Feminine Phallic Metaphor for Property
 expand section4—  The Woman Does Not Exist:  The Impossible Feminine and the Possibility of Freedom

  Epilogue:  Vesta, the Phallic Woman
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