Hysteria Beyond Freud


 collapse sectionPART I—  HISTORICAL
 expand sectionOne—  Once upon a Text:  Hysteria from Hippocrates
 expand sectionTwo—  "A Strange Pathology":  Hysteria in the Early Modern World, 1500-1800

 collapse sectionPART II—  THEMATIC
 collapse sectionThree—  The Body and the Mind, The Doctor and the Patient:  Negotiating Hysteria
 Mind and Body: Medical Materialism and Hegemonic Idealism
 Continuities: Toward Nineteenth-Century Nervousness
 Change: Women, Body, and Scientific Medicine
 Problem Women: Gynecology and Hysteria
 Neurology and Hysteria
 Hysteria, Psychiatry, and the Clinical Encounter
 Four—  Hysteria, Feminism, and Gender
 expand sectionFive—  The Image of the Hysteric

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionINDEX

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