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Chapter Twenty-One— Deukmejian

1. Richard Zeiger, "Governor's Mansion May Be on Razors' Edge," The Evening Press-Enterprise of Riverside County (Calif.) Sep. 30, 1983. The townhouse eventually purchased for Deukmejian was owned and managed by a private foundation; Governor Pete Wilson has also lived in the Carmichael townhouse. [BACK]

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25. The line became Deukmejian's stump speech trademark. When Pete Wilson became governor and the state hit the fiscal skids, reporters joked that California went from "IOU to A-OK to DOA." [BACK]

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52. AB 2595, by Assemblyman Byron Sher, was passed by the Legislature and signed in 1988; the two automatic weapon bills, AB 357 and SB 292, were by Democratic Assemblyman Michael Roos and Senate President Pro Tem David Roberti and were signed by Deukmejian in 1989. [BACK]

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