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1. The author attended Brown's victory party at the International Longshoremen's Union Hall near Fisherman's Wharf, and spent part of the day at his get-out-the-vote precinct field headquarters at 13th Street and Mission on Dec. 12, 1995. [BACK]

2. Herb Caen, "Cut along Dotted Lines," San Francisco Chronicle , Dec. 14, 1995. Caen partied with Brown into the night. [BACK]

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4. Willie Brown, press conference, San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 13, 1995 [BACK]

5. William Endicott, "A First-ever Major Award," The Sacramento Bee , Dec. 30, 1995. Endicott, never a Brown fan, wrote: "I'm sorry that we have no equivalent [award] for political winners of 1995. There weren't many. But if we did, the hands- hard

down choice would have to be that consummate pol, Willie Brown, who kept Assembly Republicans tied in knots all year and still had time to find a new job." [BACK]

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13. John Jacobs, "Tough Talk across the Rigatoni." [BACK]

14. The author of this book was dining at a nearby table with John Jacobs, political editor for McClatchy Newspapers, and serendipitously witnessed the ensuing confrontation between Clint Reilly and Willie Brown on June 2, 1995. Reilly's penchant for dining at the North Beach Restaurant was mentioned in a lengthy profile about him: "Hired Gun," by Richard Halstead, San Francisco, The Magazine , July 1987. [BACK]

15. Conversation with Reilly and the author of this book at Brown's mayoral rally, June 3, 1995. [BACK]

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22. Willie Brown, federal income tax returns, 1990 through 1994, released by the Brown mayoral campaign, copies in the author's private collection. [BACK]

23. Kandace Bender, "Brown Proposes Casino in S.F.," San Francisco Examiner , Sep. 17, 1995. [BACK]

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29. Willie Brown, interview, Sacramento, Calif., June 6, 1995. [BACK]

30. Conversation with Darolyn Davis, Willie Brown's Assembly press secretary, in Oct. 1995. [BACK]

31. The author of this book attended the Oct. 18, 1995 party and talked with Brown. [BACK]

32. William Claiborne, "San Francisco Race Turns Out to Be Contest, Not Coronation," The Washington Post , Nov. 6, 1995. [BACK]

33. Richard C. Paddock, "It's 'Citizen Mayor' versus Savvy Pro in Bid to Run S.F.," Los Angeles Times , Oct. 23, 1995. [BACK]

34. Associated Press photograph, A0624, slug "Mayor Shower," Oct. 27, 1995. [BACK]

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37. Brown won 34.4 percent; Jordan won 32.4 percent; Achtenberg won 27.6 percent; and 5.6 percent went to other candidates. [BACK]

38. Ayres, "San Francisco's Lively, Loopy Mayoral Race Wraps Up." [BACK]

39. The author of this book visited both campaign headquarters on election day, Dec. 12, 1995, and these descriptions are based on those observations. [BACK]

40. The author was tipped off about the dinner party, found it, and spoke briefly with Brown before leaving. Description based on the author's observations. [BACK]

41. Conversation with Gale Kaufman, San Francisco, Dec. 12, 1995. [BACK]

42. Conversation with Richard Katz at Brown election party, San Francisco International Longshoremen's Hall, Dec. 12, 1995. [BACK]

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