ABC of Influence


  1—  The Pound Tradition
  2—  Ezra Pound and Harold Bloom:  Influences, Canons, Traditions, and the Making of Modern Poetry
  3—  Expanding the Poundian Field:  Whitman, Williams, and Zukofsky
  4—  History in a Cyclotron:  Charles Olson As Poet-Historian and the Model of Ezra Pound
  5—  Olson As Mencius and His Master, Pound:  A Study in Poetic Tradition
  6—  Objectivist Romantic:  Ezra Pound and the Poetic Constellations of Robert Duncan
  7—  In Harmony with the Master:  Formal and Political Structures in Duncan's Poetry
  8—  Pound's Words in Their Pockets:  Denise Levertov and Gary Snyder
  9—  Migrating Voices in the Poetry of Edward Dorn
  Conclusion:  Reappropriation and Resistance: Charles Bernstein, Language Poetry, and Poetic Tradition

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