Aging in the Past


 collapse sectionPART ONE  INTRODUCTION
 expand sectionOne  Necessary Knowledge: Age and Aging in the Societies of the Past

 expand sectionTwo  Elderly Persons and Members of Their Households in England and Wales from Preindustrial Times to the Present
 expand sectionThree  The Elderly in the Bosom of the Family: La Famille Souche and Hardship Reincorporation
 expand sectionFour  Household Systems and the Lives of the Old in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Hungary
 expand sectionFive  Migration in the Later Years of Life in Traditional Europe
 expand sectionSix  Older Lives on the Frontier: the Residential Patterns of the Older Population of Texas, 1850-1910
 expand sectionSeven  A Home of One's Own: Aging and Home Ownership in the United States in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

 collapse sectionPART THREE  WIDOWHOOD
 expand sectionEight  The Impact of Widowhood in Nineteenth-Century Italy
 expand sectionNine  The Demography of Widowhood in Preindustrial New Hampshire
 expand sectionTen  Transition to Widowhood and Family Support Systems in the Twentieth Century, Northeastern United States

 expand sectionEleven  The Impact of Aging on the Employment of Men in American Working-Class Communities at the End of the Nineteenth Century
 expand sectionTwelve  Trends in Old Age Mortality in the United States, 1900-1935: Evidence from Railroad Pensions

 collapse sectionPART FIVE  CONCLUSION
 expand sectionThirteen  Toward a Historical Demography of Aging

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionINDEX

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