The Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier, 1204–1760

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  Note on Translation and Transliteration
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1collapse section1. Bengal under the Sultans
1expand section1. Before the Turkish Conquest
 expand section2. The Articulation of Political Authority
 expand section3. Early Sufis of the Delta
 expand section4. Economy, Society, and Culture
 collapse section5. Mass Conversion to Islam: Theories and Protagonists
 Four Conventional Theories of Islamization in India
 Theories of Islamization in Bengal
 The Appearance of a Bengali Muslim Peasantry

1collapse section2. Bengal under the Mughals
 expand section6. The Rise of Mughal Power
 expand section7. Mughal Culture and Its Diffusion
 expand section8. Islam and the Agrarian Order in the East
 expand section9. Mosque and Shrine in the Rural Landscape
1expand section10. The Rooting of Islam in Bengal
 expand section11. Conclusion

  1. Mint Towns and Inscription Sites under Muslim Rulers, 1204–1760
  2. Principal Muslim Rulers of Bengal
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2 occurrences of gender
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