Wising up the Marks


  Introduction—  "Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted"
  Chapter One—  Invisibility and Amodernism
  Chapter Two—  No Final Glossary:  Fugitive Words in Junky and Queer
  Chapter Three—  "All Agents Defect and All Resisters Sell Out":  The Negative Dialectics of Naked Lunch
  Chapter Four—  "I Hassan i Sabbah Rub Out the Word Forever ":  The Dialectic of Treason and the Abolition of the Law in the Nova Trilogy
  Chapter Five— The Wild Boys :  Desire, Fantasy, and the Book of the Dead
  Chapter Six— Quién es? :  Reconstitution of the Revolutionary Subject in Burroughs's Late Trilogy
  Conclusion—  Burroughs's Fin de Siècle:  Listen to My Last Words Everywhere

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