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1Requiem 29
 Who Was Ruben Salazar?
 Cub Reporter
 The Los Angeles Times and Ruben Salazar
 Politics, the Border, and Braceros, 1959-1965
 Foreign Correspondent, 1965-1968
 Covering the Chicano Movement, 1969-1970

 collapse sectionONE  EL PASO, 1955-1956 EL PASO HERALD-POST
 25 Hours in Jail—"I Lived in a Chamber of Horrors"  May 9, 1955
 expand sectionLa Nacha Sells Dirty Dope at $5 a "Papel"  Herald-Post Reporter Makes Purchase from Border "Queen"  August 17, 1955
 expand sectionSpeakeasies Sell 'Atomic' Booze in South El Paso  July 3, 1956

 expand sectionMexican-Americans Move into New Era of Political Awakening January 8, 1961
 expand sectionNo Troops Line Border that Has Become Big Business; Changes Loom  January 7, 1962
 expand sectionMurder of a Crusader Underlines Tijuana Choice: Reform or Go Red January 8, 1962
 expand sectionJuarez Falters Despite Yankee Tourist Dollar  January 10, 1962
 expand sectionCivic Leaders Troubled by School Dropouts October 22, 1962
 expand sectionCommuting Mexican Farm Workers Stir U.S. Dispute 'Invasion' by 60,000 Every Day   November 25, 1962
 expand sectionFarm Workers' Lot Held Worsening in Southland  November 27, 1962
 expand sectionNegro May Win Roybal Seat in City Council  December 16, 1962
 expand sectionParley Airs Problems of Mexican-Americans  January 18, 1963
 expand sectionSpanish-speaking Angelenos: A Culture in Search of a Name  February 24, 1963
 expand sectionLeader Calls Effort to Aid Mexican-Americans Failure  Second of a Series  February 25, 1963
 expand sectionSerape Belt Occupies City's Heart  Third of a Series  February 26, 1963
 expand sectionMexican-Americans Lack Political Power Fourth of a Series  February 27, 1963
 expand sectionMexican-Americans Succeeding Fifth in a Series  February 28, 1963
 expand sectionMexican-Americans Have Culture Protected by 1848 U.S. Treaty Last of Series  March 1, 1963
 Salazar Praised and Panned for Articles on Mexican-Americans  March 4, 1963
 expand section'Uneducable' Get Assist in Fighting Frustrations, Gaining Some Success  April 8, 1963
 expand sectionYouths Study Problems of Mexican-Americans  April 10, 1963
 Negro Drive Worries Mexican-Americans  July 14, 1963
 expand sectionMexican-Americans' Problems Evaluated  July 21, 1963
 expand sectionJohnson to Hear Plaint of Minority  July 29, 1963
 expand sectionLatins Here to Protest Bracero Law  August 5, 1963
 expand sectionJohnson Urges Latin Citizens to Report Bias  August 10, 1963
 expand sectionLatin Leaders in Five States Map Strategy  August 11, 1963
 expand sectionSenators to Hear Woes of Latins  September 10, 1963
 expand sectionProblems of Latins Seen Thing Apart New Policy for U.S. Spanish-speaking Students Urged  September 16, 1963
 expand sectionFarm Labor Setup Faces Vast Change  October 20, 1963
 expand sectionFor Domestic Farm Hands 'Shape-Up' Is at 4 a.m.  October 21, 1963
 expand sectionBraceros Guaranteed More Than Domestics  October 22, 1963
 expand sectionGrowers Hit 'Meddling' With Bracero Program  October 23, 1963
 expand sectionJohnson Speaks Here for Fair Employment  November 15, 1963
 expand sectionPapacitos Era Seen on Way Out  June 13, 1964
 expand sectionLatin-Negro Unity Move Launched  July 5, 1964
 expand sectionMexican-American Lag in Schooling Income  July 20, 1964
 expand sectionHousing Issue Ignored by Mexican-Americans  August 30, 1964
 expand sectionMexican-Americans Protest Santa Fe Springs Projects  September 7, 1964
 expand sectionRoybal, Feder Clash on Issue of Braceros  October 15, 1964
 expand sectionLast Braceros Leaving as Job Program Ends  January 1, 1965

 expand sectionDominican Republic  Dominican Leader Denies Red Charge  May 17, 1965
 expand sectionWho Would Get U.S. Fire, Junta, Rebels?  May 20, 1965
 expand section1,000 Thwarted by Junta Guns Appeal to U.S. Newsman for Help  May 3 , 1965
 expand sectionVietnam  A Big Pig, A Midget, An Angry Newsman  November 12, 1965
 expand sectionBurial Rebuff Shakes Battlefront Buddies  May 31, 1966
 expand sectionMexico  Return of Diaz Body Stirs Row  November 6, 1966
 expand sectionMexico Indian Problem Still Defies Solution  April 13, 1967
 Quinn, Censors Cross Swords  September 17, 1967
 expand sectionStudents Peril Mexico Image Before Olympics  August 18, 1968
 expand sectionStudents Plan Massive Rally in Mexico City  August 25, 1968
 expand sectionStudents, Army Troops Battle in Mexico City  October 3, 1968
 Mexican Sniper Slain After Killing Passerby  October 5, 1968
 Wonderland of Color Welcomes Olympics  October 13, 1968

 expand sectionMilitants Fight to Retain Spanish as Their Language  January 14, 1969
 Mexican-Americans Threaten Action for Movie, TV Jobs  January 17, 1969
 expand sectionEmployers' Group Warned Minorities Must Have Jobs  January 30, 1969
 Mexican-American Community Groups Plan 'Neglect' Protest  February 11, 1969
 expand sectionLatins Fail to Get Apology, Walk Out of County Hearing  February 12, 1969
 expand sectionEx-Dope User Tries to Help Mexican-American Addicts  February 18, 1969
 expand sectionChicanos Hold 5-State Event in Colorado  March 30, 1969
 expand sectionChicano Conferees Plan 5-State School Walkout  April 1, 1969
 expand sectionChancellor Says He Agrees with Thrust but Not Specifics  April 5, 1969
 expand sectionUMAS to Be Reinstated at Roosevelt High  April 23, 1969
 Union Marchers to Hold Rally, Woo Mexican Farm Workers  May 13, 1969
 expand sectionBrown Berets Hail 'La Raza' and Scorn the Establishment  June 16, 1969
 expand sectionUC Mexican-American Adviser Quits in Anger  July 3, 1969
 Local Control Held Key to Chicanos' Struggle  September 9, 1969
 expand sectionBlack and Chicano Ties Worsen After Walkout at Santa Barbara  September 15, 1969
 expand sectionJudge's Latin Slurs Bring Call for Removal  October 2, 1969
 800 Supporters of Sal Castro March on School Board  October 7, 1969
 expand sectionBilingual Texas Public School Gains Support  October 13, 1969
 expand sectionLatins' Image in Advertising Held 'Inferior'  October 20, 1969
 expand sectionLatins Form Distinct Class, U.S. Aide Says  October 23, 1969
 Who Is a Chicano? And What Is It the Chicanos Want?  February 6, 1970
 A Mexican-American Hyphen  February 13, 1970
 Chicanos Would Find Identity Before Coalition with Blacks  February 20, 1970
 Mexican-American's Dilemma: He's Unfit in Either Language  February 27, 1970
 Chicanos vs. Traditionalists  March 6, 1970
 Latin Newsmen, Police Chief Eat . . . but Fail to Meet  March 13, 1970
 Police-Community Rift  April 3, 1970
 Reason in Washington, Passion in Denver—What Will Work?  April 10, 1970
 Maligned Word: Mexican  April 17, 1970
 The 'Wetback' Problem Has More Than Just One Side April 24, 1970
 Consecration of Bishop Flores Shows the Strength of an Idea  May 8, 1970
 Mexican-Americans Come Out 2nd Best in High School Course  May 15, 1970
 Chicano's Long Love Affair with Democratic Party Ends  May 29, 1970
 Narrowly a Candidate Lost  June 2, 1970
 Don't Make the 'Bato Loco' Go the Way of the Zoot Suiter  June 19, 1970
 Mexican-American School Walkout Focused on Problem  June 26, 1970
 Why Does Standard July Fourth Oratory Bug Most Chicanos?  July 10, 1970
 The Mexican-Americans NEDA Much Better School System  August 28, 1970

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