High Culture Fever


 expand sectionOne "Who Am I?"  Questions of Voluntarism in the Paradigm of Socialist Alienation
 collapse sectionTwo High Culture Fever  The Cultural Discussion in the Mid-1980s and the Politics of Methodologies
 Variations Of The Aesthetic Modern
 Culture Fever
 Modernity And Scientific Rationality: Jin Guantao, System Theory, And The Premodern Myth Of Totality
 collapse sectionConfucian Revivalism
 Confucianism and Rationality
 Neo-Confucianism and Western Marxism
 expand sectionAt The Margin: The Enlightenment School And The Hermeneutic Experiment
 expand sectionLi Zehou And The Marxist Reconstruction Of Confucianism
 expand sectionThree Heshang and the Paradoxes of the Chinese Enlightenment
 expand sectionFour  Mapping Aesthetic Modernity
 expand sectionFive Romancing the Subject  Utopian Moments in the Chinese Aesthetics of the 1980s
 expand sectionSix The Pseudoproposition of "Chinese Postmodernism"  Ge Fei and the Experimentalist Showcase
 expand sectionSeven Wang Shuo  "Pop Goes the Culture?"

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