Muslim Rulers and Rebels

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7 Acknowledgments

42 Introduction  Extraordinary and Everyday Politics in the Muslim Philippines
10expand sectionChapter 1  The Politics of Heritage
17expand sectionChapter 2  People and Territory in Cotabato
18expand sectionChapter 3  Islamic Rule in Cotabato
35expand sectionChapter 4  European Impositions and the Myth of Morohood
85expand sectionChapter 5  America's Moros
64expand sectionChapter 6  Postcolonial Transitions
97expand sectionChapter 7  Muslim Separatism and the Bangsamoro Rebellion
14expand sectionChapter 8  Regarding the War from Campo Muslim
17expand sectionChapter 9  Unarmed Struggle
21expand sectionChapter 10  Muslim Nationalism after Marcos
26expand sectionChapter 11  Resistance and Rule in Cotabato

109expand sectionNOTES
3expand sectionGlossary
93 Bibliography
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671 occurrences of philippines
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