The Making of a Heretic


 collapse sectionIntroduction
 Mapping the Christian Community: The Shifting Boundaries of Public and Private Spheres
 The Christian Community and the "World": Strategies of Accommodation and Alienation
 Naming the "Other": The Discourse of Orthodoxy in Late-Fourth-Century Spain
 Plan and Scope of This Work
 Excursus: A Selective Review of Priscillian in Twentieth-Century Scholarship
 expand sectionChapter One  "A Strange Man" Opposition Emerges at the Council of Saragossa
 expand sectionChapter Two  "Manichaean" Charge and Countercharge in Priscillian's Tractates
 expand sectionChapter Three  "Sorcerer" Alliances, Enmities, and the Death of Priscillian
 expand sectionChapter Four  "Priscillianist" Heresy Inquisitions at Toledo and Tarragona
 expand sectionChapter Five  "Gnostic" Priscillian Reinterpreted by Sulpicius Severus and Jerome

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