Tokugawa Village Practice


 expand section1  "Mountains of Resentment"  One Woman' s Struggle against Tokugawa Authority
 expand section2  Class Politics
 expand section3  Status Power
 expand section4  Village Autonomy
 expand section5  Status and State Racism From Kawata to Eta
 expand section6  The Tokugawa Juridical Field and the Power of Law

  Appendix 1  Settlement of a Dispute between Kumi Heads and Small Peasants, 1760 (Iribuse, Kita-Saku District, Shinano)
  Appendix 2  Goningumi Rules, 1640 (Shimo-Sakurai, Kita-Saku District, Shinano)
  Appendix 3  Goningumi Rules, 1662 (Shimo-Sakurai, Kita-Saku District, Shinano)
 expand sectionAppendix 4  Regulations for the Villages of All Provinces—The Keian Edict, 1649 (and 1665)
 expand sectionAppendix 5  Regulations for Outcastes in Various Jurisdictions in Shinano
 expand sectionList of Characters
 expand sectionGlossary
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