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41. cover
Title: Moving places: a life at the movies online access is available to everyone
Author: Rosenbaum, Jonathan
Published: University of California Press,  1995
Subjects: Cinema and Performance Arts | Film | Autobiography
Publisher's Description: Moving Places is the brilliant account of a life steeped in and shaped by the movies - part autobiography, part film analysis, part social history. Jonathan Rosenbaum, one of America's most gifted film critics, began his moviegoing in the 1950s in small-town Alabama, where his family owned and manag . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...We didn't talk or think about good photography in those days, only about good...
...a pretentious, pornographic style of photography favored at his prep school in...
...MGM's hard-edged black and white photography, bringing together all the favorite...
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42. cover
Title: Plant migration: the dynamics of geographic patterning in seed plant species online access is available to everyone
Author: Sauer, Jonathan D
Published: University of California Press,  1988
Subjects: Environmental Studies | Geography | Ecology | Botany
Publisher's Description: Using cases of plant migration documented by both historical and fossil evidence, Jonathan D. Sauer provides a landmark assessment of what is presently known, and not merely assumed, about the process.
Matches in book (3):
...Cruz Island revisited: sequential photography records the causation, rates of...
...some eroding foreshores. Air photography is now being used to monitor shoreline...
...evidence from sequential aerial photography and ground study that P. macrocarpa...
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43. cover
Title: Hollywood in Berlin: American cinema and Weimar Germany online access is available to everyone
Author: Saunders, Thomas J
Published: University of California Press,  1994
Subjects: Cinema and Performance Arts | German Studies | Film | United States History | European History
Publisher's Description: The setting is 1920s Berlin, cultural heart of Europe and the era's only serious cinematic rival to Hollywood. In his engaging study, Thomas Saunders explores an outstanding example of one of the most important cultural developments of this century: global Americanization through the motion picture. . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...techniques, and simply inimitable photography. On the second count, however, it...
...through sensitive directing, superb photography and gripping acting. It appeared...
...tempo, excellent acting, flawless photography, good popular appeal. Minuses: a...
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44. cover
Title: A sheep's song: a writer's reminiscences of Japan and the world online access is available to everyone
Author: Katō, Shūichi 1919-
Published: University of California Press,  1999
Subjects: Literature | Asian History | Japan | Autobiographies and Biographies
Publisher's Description: This critically acclaimed autobiography was an instant bestseller in Japan, where it has gone through more than forty printings since its first publication. Cultural critic, literary historian, novelist, poet, and physician, Kato Shuichi reconstructs his dramatic spiritual and intellectual journey f . . . [more]
Matches in book (4): 1937. Courtesy of Tsuchiya Photography Shop, Karuizawa-cho, 1995. Figure  4... Heibonsha and the owner of Tsuchiya Photography Shop in Karuizawa have all...
...up with the then novel art of photography and taught the subject for a while....
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45. cover
Title: Social order/mental disorder: Anglo-American psychiatry in historical perspective online access is available to everyone
Author: Scull, Andrew T
Published: University of California Press,  1989
Subjects: Sociology | Psychiatry | United States History | European History | Psychology
Matches in book (4):
...and the Origins of Psychiatric Photography . New York: Brunner-Mazel, 1976....
...and the Origins of Psychiatric Photography (New York: Brunner-Mazel, 1976)....
...representations of the mad, in painting, photography, and film; asylum records;...
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46. cover
Title: The attic: memoir of a Chinese landlord's son online access is available to everyone
Author: Cao, Guanlong 1945-
Published: University of California Press,  1996
Subjects: Literature | Autobiography | Literature in Translation | China | Asian Literature
Publisher's Description: Novelist Guanlong Cao's autobiographical account of growing up in urban Shanghai affords a rare glimpse into daily life during the forty turbulent years following the Communist Revolution. Forced to the bottom of Chinese society as "class enemies," Cao's family eked out a meager existence in a cramp . . . [more]
Matches in book (2):
...farewell, the whole family went to a photography studio to have a group portrait..., Chuen and I went to a photography studio to have a picture taken of her...
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47. cover
Title: May her likes be multiplied: biography and gender politics in Egypt online access is available to everyone
Author: Booth, Marilyn
Published: University of California Press,  2001
Subjects: History | Middle Eastern History | Women's Studies | Literature | Middle Eastern Studies
Publisher's Description: Marilyn Booth's elegantly conceived study reveals the Arabic tradition of life-writing in an entirely new light. Though biography had long been male-authored, in the late nineteenth century short sketches by and about women began to appear in biographical dictionaries and women's journals. By 1940, . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...there that, in 1930, a life of photography entrepreneur Anna Schreiber called on... something she enjoyed. Commercial photography gave her wealth and fame. “Thus... here she is managing a big photography bureau in one of New York's fanciest...
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48. cover
Title: Technology as freedom: the New Deal and the electrical modernization of the American home online access is available to everyone
Author: Tobey, Ronald C
Published: University of California Press,  1997
Subjects: History | American Studies | Technology and Society | United States History
Publisher's Description: Before 1930, the domestic market for electrical appliances was segmented, but New Deal policies and programs created a true mass market, reshaping the electrical and housing markets and guiding them toward mandated social goals. The New Deal identified electrical refrigeration as a key technology to . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...Collection.  UCR/California Museum of Photography, University of California, ...
...Collection. UCR/California Museum of Photography, University of California, ...
...Earle, UCR/California Museum of Photography, Riverside, California; Betty Cagle,...
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49. cover
Title: Henry David Thoreau and the moral agency of knowing online access is available to everyone
Author: Tauber, Alfred I
Published: University of California Press,  2001
Subjects: Philosophy | Literature | History and Philosophy of Science | Ethics
Publisher's Description: In his graceful philosophical account, Alfred I. Tauber shows why Thoreau still seems so relevant today - more relevant in many respects than he seemed to his contemporaries. Although Thoreau has been skillfully and thoroughly examined as a writer, naturalist, mystic, historian, social thinker, Tran . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography . Translated by R. Howard. New York :...
...Posing: Autobiography and the Subject of Photography . In Autobiography and...
...19 philosophy of the subject, 198 –203 photography, 216 physics, 109 physiology,...
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50. cover
Title: Storm over Mono: the Mono Lake battle and the California water future online access is available to everyone
Author: Hart, John 1948-
Published: University of California Press,  1996
Subjects: Environmental Studies | Environmental Studies | Natural History | California and the West
Publisher's Description: A dramatic environmental saga unfolds in John Hart's compelling story of the fight to save Mono Lake. This ancient inland sea, in the eastern Sierra near Yosemite National Park, is among the oldest in North America. But over the past fifty years, as its feeder streams were steadily drained to supply . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...Photo © Don Jackson/Don Jackson Photography) Image not available. Mono Lake ...
...Phillips, Lloyd A. , Jr. , 118 Photography, as propaganda tool, 52 , 80 Pinyon...
...provided invaluable new portrait photography for the project and Joan Rosen took...
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51. cover
Title: America becomes urban: the development of U.S. cities & towns, 1780-1980 online access is available to everyone
Author: Monkkonen, Eric H 1942-
Published: University of California Press,  1988
Subjects: History | United States History | Urban Studies
Publisher's Description: America's cities: celebrated by poets, courted by politicians, castigated by social reformers. In their numbers and complexity they challenge comprehension. Why is urban America the way it is? Eric Monkkonen offers a fresh approach to the myths and the history of US urban development, giving us an u . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...Mast Collection, California Museum of Photography, University  of California, ...
...archived at the California Museum of Photography in Riverside literally allow us...
...Mast Collection, California Museum of  Photography, University of California, ...
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52. cover
Title: Licensing entertainment: the elevation of novel reading in Britain, 1684-1750 online access is available to everyone
Author: Warner, William Beatty
Published: University of California Press,  1998
Subjects: Literature | European History | Print Media | English Literature
Publisher's Description: Novels have been a respectable component of culture for so long that it is difficult for twentieth-century observers to grasp the unease produced by novel reading in the eighteenth century. William Warner shows how the earliest novels in Britain, published in small-format print media, provoked early . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...such as film, television, photography, video, and new digital media); and...
...first decades of this century, photography and cinema co-opt the sort of social...
...Just as the new media of photography and the phonograph and their merger into...
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53. cover
Title: Crescendo of the virtuoso: spectacle, skill, and self-promotion in Paris during the Age of Revolution online access is available to everyone
Author: Metzner, Paul 1952-
Published: University of California Press,  1998
Subjects: History | European History | French Studies | European Studies
Publisher's Description: During the Age of Revolution, Paris came alive with wildly popular virtuoso performances. Whether the performers were musicians or chefs, chess players or detectives, these virtuosos transformed their technical skills into dramatic spectacles, presenting the marvelous and the outré for spellbound au . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...This was before the invention of photography or any other reliable means of...
...Louis Daguerre, before he invented photography in the late 1830s, created the...
...the self. The invention of still photography by Louis Daguerre in Paris in the...
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54. cover
Title: Music as cultural practice, 1800-1900 online access is available to everyone
Author: Kramer, Lawrence 1946-
Published: University of California Press,  1990
Subjects: Music | Musicology | European History | Literary Theory and Criticism
Publisher's Description: In Music as Cultural Practice , Lawrence Kramer adapts the resources of contemporary literary theory to forge a genuinely new discourse about music. Rethinking fundamental questions of meaning and expression, he demonstrates how European music of the nineteenth century collaborates on equal terms wi . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...of spiritualism and spirit photography. In the broadest terms, impossible...
...the novel code of pornographic photography. 15 Perhaps this trend is so strong...
...Manet, Olympia, and Pornographic Photography," in Woman as Sex Object , ed....
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55. cover
Title: Exploring the deep Pacific. online access is available to everyone
Author: Raitt, Helen
Published: Norton,  1956
Matches in book (3):
...Jackson and Rotschi. Bottom Photography—Dill, Jones, Blumberg. The intermediate...
...and analysis of same. Record Photography —MacFall. Chemistry of Water Samples—...
...with Russ at Scripps. His hobby is photography, and he was prepared to take over...
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56. cover
Title: Letters and autobiographical writings online access is available to everyone
Author: Mills, C. Wright (Charles Wright) 1916-1962
Published: University of California Press,  2000
Subjects: American Studies | Anthropology | Sociology | Literature | United States History | Letters
Publisher's Description: One of the leading public intellectuals of twentieth-century America and a pioneering and brilliant social scientist, C. Wright Mills left a legacy of interdisciplinary and hard-hitting work including two books that changed the way many people viewed their lives and the structure of power in the Uni . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...and mastered) motorcycles and photography, and, as with any of his newfound...
...and aesthetics in general, and photography. We are also both very heavily at... about, especially that you like my photography! Riesman's review referred to...
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57. cover
Title: Space in the tropics: from convicts to rockets in French Guiana online access is available to everyone
Author: Redfield, Peter 1965-
Published: University of California Press,  2000
Subjects: Anthropology | Cultural Anthropology | Geography | French Studies | European Studies | Technology
Publisher's Description: Rockets roar into space - bearing roughly half the world's commercial satellites - from the same South American coastal rainforest where convicts once did time on infamous Devil's Island. What makes Space in the Tropics enthralling is anthropologist Peter Redfield's ability to draw from these two di . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...well documented, through writing, photography, and ever increasingly efficient...
...time zones, news services, photography, telephones, and radio and television... the compelling present tense of photography—it can be seen from a distance,...
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58. cover
Title: Acting naturally: Mark Twain in the culture of performance online access is available to everyone
Author: Knoper, Randall K 1953-
Published: University of California Press,  1995
Subjects: Literature | American Literature | Literary Theory and Criticism | Twain | American Studies
Publisher's Description: The phenomenon of performance is central to Mark Twain's writing and persona. But Twain's performative aspects have usually been dismissed as theatrical and discounted as lowbrow burlesque. Randall Knoper takes Twain's theatricality seriously and shows how Twain's work both echoes and engages the so . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...When he draws analogies between photography and realist writing, for example, he...
...invisible channels—"in telegraphy, photography, the telephone and gramophone";...
...of phrenology, physiognomy, and photography into a cluster of indexical signs...
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59. cover
Title: Sanctuaries of Spanish New Mexico/ online access is available to everyone
Author: Treib, Marc
Published: University of California Press,  1993
Subjects: Architecture | Architectural History
Publisher's Description: Among the oldest buildings in the United States, the churches of Spanish New Mexico - made of earth, of stone, of wood - are the surprisingly fragile reminders of a unique amalgam of Spanish architectural ideas and native American Pueblo culture. This book surveys the land and rivers, the people and . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...Domingo, and Zia, permit neither photography nor note taking and are represented...
...San Felipe and Santo Domingo, where no photography or note taking is allowed, a...
...reading. Even during the century that photography has documented the effects of...
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60. cover
Title: Lives together/worlds apart: mothers and daughters in popular culture online access is available to everyone
Author: Walters, Suzanna Danuta
Published: University of California Press,  1992
Subjects: Gender Studies | Popular Culture | American Studies | Gender Studies | Women's Studies
Publisher's Description: In the 1940s film Now, Voyager, Bette Davis plays a daughter struggling against her mother's stifling repression. Nearly fifty years later, in the Hollywood saga Postcards from the Edge , Shirley MacLaine, as a neglectful and bossy mother, inflicts untold psychological pain on her daughter, played b . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...Bred and Born, as well as plays and photography books and exhibits, have focused..., including film, video, and photography. 2 Although this explosion of...
...98 -99 "Peyton Place," 244 n.7 Photography, feminist, 162 Physicality, feminity...
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