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21. cover
Title: Mexico at the world's fairs: crafting a modern nation online access is available to everyone
Author: Tenorio-Trillo, Mauricio 1962-
Published: University of California Press,  1996
Subjects: History | Latin American History | Latin American Studies | Literature
Publisher's Description: This intriguing study of Mexico's participation in world's fairs from 1889 to 1929 explores Mexico's self-presentation at these fairs as a reflection of the country's drive toward nationalization and a modernized image. Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo contrasts Mexico's presence at the 1889 Paris fair - whe . . . [more]
Matches in book (18):
...66 , 73 , 75 , 94 -95, 289 n43; photography exhibits of, 117 -18; precursor to,...
...Debroise, "Plein soleil: Le Cas mexicain," Photographies , no. 6 (1984):32-38....
...Alan Trachtenberg, Reading American Photography: Images as History: Mathew Brady...
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22. cover
Title: Cool conduct: the culture of distance in Weimar Germany online access is available to everyone
Author: Lethen, Helmut
Published: University of California Press,  2002
Subjects: History | Sociology | German Studies | Literary Theory and Criticism
Publisher's Description: Cool Conduct is an elegant interpretation of attitudes and mentalities that informed the Weimar Republic by a scholar well known for his profound knowledge of this period. Helmut Lethen writes of "cool conduct" as a cultivated antidote to the heated atmosphere of post-World War I Germany, as a way o . . . [more]
Matches in book (12):
...of the tendency in painting and photography to isolate types is Jost Hermand and...
...older expressive medium. The medium of photography, the camera's eye, meant that...
...films. Jünger's attitude toward photography draws on motifs that Vilem Flusser...
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23. cover
Title: Hysteria beyond Freud online access is available to everyone
Author: Gilman, Sander L
Published: University of California Press,  1993
Subjects: History | Literature | Women's Studies | Psychiatry | Medicine
Publisher's Description: "She's hysterical." For centuries, the term "hysteria" has been used by physicians and laymen alike to diagnose and dismiss the extreme emotionality and mysterious physical disorders presumed to bedevil others - especially women. How has this medical concept assumed its power? What cultural purposes . . . [more]
Matches in book (18):
...and the Origin of Psychiatric Photography (New York: Brunner/Mazel, 1976), 21....
...processes developed and that "photography" was but one of them. I shall use all...
...reprinted in Classic Essays on Photography , ed. Alan Trachtenberg (New Haven,...
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24. cover
Title: Late modernism: politics, fiction, and the arts between the world wars online access is available to everyone
Author: Miller, Tyrus 1963-
Published: University of California Press,  1999
Subjects: Literature | Fiction | Art Theory | Cinema and Performance Arts | Politics | Political Theory | History
Publisher's Description: Tyrus Miller breaks new ground in this study of early twentieth-century literary and artistic culture. Whereas modernism studies have generally concentrated on the vital early phases of the modernist revolt, Miller focuses on the turbulent later years of the 1920s and 1930s, tracking the dissolution . . . [more]
Matches in book (10):
...88 Perloff, Marjorie, 5 , 253 n38 Photography, 213 , 216 -221, 229 n22 Picasso,...
...1991), 106. 22. The Bauhaus use of photography and photomontage is an obvious...
...however, is the integral role of photography in the work of Le Corbusier; see...
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25. cover
Title: Garrett Eckbo: modern landscapes for living online access is available to everyone
Author: Treib, Marc
Published: University of California Press,  1997
Subjects: Architecture | Art History | California and the West
Publisher's Description: One of the central figures in modern landscape architecture, Garrett Eckbo (1910-2000) was a major influence in the field during an active career spanning five decades. While most of the early American designers concentrated on the private garden and the corporate landscape, Eckbo's work demonstrate . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...locate materials and arrange their photography; Stephen Tobriner helped make the...
...his efforts were not ready for photography at the time of publication, and thus...
...available for ALCOA employees for photography or filming (a promotional film was...
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26. cover
Title: Displaying the Orient: architecture of Islam at nineteenth-century world's fairs online access is available to everyone
Author: Çelik, Zeynep
Published: University of California Press,  1992
Subjects: Architecture | European History | Cultural Anthropology | Middle Eastern History
Publisher's Description: Gathering architectural pieces from all over the world, the Paris Universal Exposition of 1867 introduced to fairgoers the notion of an imaginary journey, a new tourism en place . Through this and similar expositions, the world's cultures were imported to European and American cities as artifacts an . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...Hamid II Collection." History of Photography 8, no. 2 (April–June 1984): 119–...
...Hamid II Collection," History of Photography 8, no. 2 (April-June 1984): 119....
...41 and painting, 40 -41 and photography, 40 , 42 , 45 and plans for Istanbul...
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27. cover
Title: The dissonant legacy of modernismo: Lugones, Herrera y Reissig, and the voices of modern Spanish American poetry online access is available to everyone
Author: Kirkpatrick, Gwen
Published: University of California Press,  1989
Subjects: Latin American Studies | European Literature | Poetry
Publisher's Description: This is a provocative new reading of a crucial and often misunderstood period of Spanish American literature. Most studies of modernismo have focused on the poetry of Rubén Darío and have noted the movement's aestheticism and its unmistakable French influences. Kirkpatrick concentrates instead on im . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...214-227. 24. Susan Sontag, On Photography (New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux,...
...of the artist. With the advent of photography and other means of reproduction,...
...figure. Like contemporary art photography's deliberately perverse framing with...
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28. cover
Title: Over the edge: remapping the American West online access is available to everyone
Author: Matsumoto, Valerie J
Published: University of California Press,  1999
Subjects: American Studies | California and the West | Popular Culture | History | United States History | Californian and Western History | German Studies
Publisher's Description: From the Gold Rush to rush hour, the history of the American West is fraught with diverse, subversive, and at times downright eccentric elements. This provocative volume challenges traditional readings of western history and literature, and redraws the boundaries of the American West with absorbing . . . [more]
Matches in book (9):
...Landscape, International Museum of Photography, Rochester 1975. 18. Mark Klett...
...116 , 125 Peterson, D. J. , 340 Photography: American West and, 339 -65; F.S.A....
...little precedent for this in previous photography of the American West, it has a...
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29. cover
Title: From my grandmother's bedside: sketches of postwar Tokyo online access is available to everyone
Author: Field, Norma 1947-
Published: University of California Press,  1997
Subjects: Literature | Autobiography | Asian History | Japan | Politics
Publisher's Description: From My Grandmother's Bedside is an experiment in genre, a moving and evocative reflection on contemporary Japan, human desire, family relations, life, and death. Norma Field, the daughter of a Japanese woman and an American G.I., and author of the acclaimed In the Realm of a Dying Emperor , returne . . . [more]
Matches in book (5): employees for the movie-star photography business. One cough and the entire...
...customers) of my grandparents' photography business. My great-grandmother died...
...I am most drawn to his documentary photography. One shot in his Hiroshima series...
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30. cover
Title: Backstory 2: interviews with screenwriters of the 1940s and 1950s online access is available to everyone
Author: McGilligan, Patrick
Published: University of California Press,  1997
Subjects: Cinema and Performance Arts | Theatre
Publisher's Description: "Backstory" is the screenwriter's term for what happens in a plot before the screen story begins. In this companion volume to McGilligan's widely praised Backstory: Interviews with Screenwriters of Hollywood's Golden Age , fourteen studio scribes active in later decades rail and reminisce about thei . . . [more]
Matches in book (8):
...and presently devotes himself to writing fiction and books about photography....
...and special talents for portrait photography of several of the screenwriters....
...A Narrative History of the Portrait in Photography from 1820 to the Present, A...
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31. cover
Title: The forgotten hermitage of Skellig Michael online access is available to everyone
Author: Horn, Walter William 1908-
Published: University of California Press,  1990
Subjects: Architecture | Art | Architectural History | Medieval Studies
Publisher's Description: This book is a dramatically told and visually stunning account of a ninth-century hermitage discovered on the South Peak of Skellig Michael, an island off the west coast of Ireland. It is the story, pieced together from fragmentary remains, study, and conjecture, of a man's attempt to live on a tiny . . . [more]
Matches in book (2):
...Saint, 1 Paruchiae , 76 –77, 79 Photography, ix –x, 17 –18, 24 Pilgrimages, 13 ,...
...Adamnan, 76 n9, 92 Aerial photography, ix , x , 24 Agriculture, 36 –37 Ahenny,...
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32. cover
Title: The new German cinema: music, history, and the matter of style online access is available to everyone
Author: Flinn, Caryl
Published: University of California Press,  2003
Subjects: Cinema and Performance Arts | German Studies | Music
Publisher's Description: When New German cinema directors like R. W. Fassbinder, Ulrike Ottinger, and Werner Schroeter explored issues of identity - national, political, personal, and sexual - music and film style played crucial roles. Most studies of the celebrated film movement, however, have sidestepped the role of music . . . [more]
Matches in book (6):
...Emotion feature the same time-lapse photography of the Frankfurt skyline, Gabi...
...opening scene, in which time-lapse photography moves us quickly from late night...
...air (conveyed through time-lapse photography of the sky and through the sounds...
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33. cover
Title: Power and illness: the failure and future of American health policy online access is available to everyone
Author: Fox, Daniel M
Published: University of California Press,  1993
Subjects: Sociology | Medicine | History | American Studies | United States History
Publisher's Description: During most of this century, American health policy has emphasized caring for acute conditions rather than preventing and managing chronic illness - even though chronic illness has caused most sickness and death since the 1920s. In this provocative and wide-ranging book, Daniel Fox explains why this . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...Code, 97 International Center for Photography (New York), 12 International...
...from the International Center for Photography in New York City, who intended to...
...of contemporary documentary photography. A label alongside each picture names...
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34. cover
Title: Mind games: American culture and the birth of psychotherapy online access is available to everyone
Author: Caplan, Eric 1962-
Published: University of California Press,  1998
Subjects: History | United States History | American Studies | Science | History and Philosophy of Science
Publisher's Description: Eric Caplan's fascinating exploration of Victorian culture in the United States shatters the myth of Freud's seminal role in the creation of American psychotherapy. Resurrecting the long-buried "prehistory" of American mental therapeutics, Mind Games tells the remarkable story of how a widely assort . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...Ideal Suggestion Through Mental Photography (Wood), 81 -82 illness, theories of...
...Ideal Suggestion Through Mental Photography: A Restorative System for Home and...
...Ideal Suggestion Through Mental Photography: A Restorative System for Home and...
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35. cover
Title: William Faulkner and the tangible past: the architecture of Yoknapatawpha online access is available to everyone
Author: Hines, Thomas S
Published: University of California Press,  1997
Subjects: Architecture | Architectural History | Literature | American Literature | United States History
Publisher's Description: The world of William Faulkner is seen from a new perspective in Thomas Hines's imaginative and many-faceted study. Hines assesses the impact of the built environment on Faulkner's consciousness and shows how the architecture of the writer's fictional county of Yoknapatawpha reflects the actual archi . . . [more]
Matches in book (3):
...Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography ,. New York: Hill and Wang, 1981....
...W.W. Norton, 1964. Susan Sontag. On Photography . New York: Farrar, Straus and...
...I also developed an early interest in photography and began, as a teenager, what...
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36. cover
Title: Volcanology and geothermal energy online access is available to everyone
Author: Wohletz, Kenneth
Published: University of California Press,  1992
Subjects: Science | Physical Sciences | Earth Sciences
Publisher's Description: Most high-temperature geothermal resources develop in volcanic regions, but very few have been successfully explored and developed despite the ever-growing need for renewable energy resources. This is particularly true of the many developing countries that exist in volcanic regions with potential ge . . . [more]
Matches in book (5):
...· satellite images and aerial photography; · information on the presence and...
...government agencies or companies specializing in aerial photography. However,...
...countries, the use of aerial photography is restricted for security reasons....
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37. cover
Title: Urban forms and colonial confrontations: Algiers under French rule online access is available to everyone
Author: Çelik, Zeynep
Published: University of California Press,  1997
Subjects: Architecture | Middle Eastern Studies | Middle Eastern History | French Studies | Postcolonial Studies
Publisher's Description: During its long history as the French colonial city par excellence , Algiers was the site of recurrent conflicts between colonizer and colonized. Through architecture and urban forms confrontations were crystallized, cultural identities were defined, and social engineering programs were shaped and c . . . [more]
Matches in book (4):
...Fanny. Aurès/Algérie 1935-36. Photographies de Thérèse Rivière. algiers, 1987....
...Fanny Colonna, Aurès/Algérie 1935-36. Photographies de Thérèse Rivière (Algiers,... the spirit of the ethnographic photography of Goichon and Gaudry. Rivière did...
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38. cover
Title: Six screenplays online access is available to everyone
Author: Riskin, Robert
Published: University of California Press,  1997
Subjects: Cinema and Performance Arts | Film
Publisher's Description: Screenwriter Robert Riskin (1897-1955) was a towering figure even among the giants of Hollywood's Golden Age. Known for his unique blend of humor and romance, wisecracking and idealism, Riskin teamed with director Frank Capra to produce some of his most memorable films. Pat McGilligan has collected . . . [more]
Matches in book (6):
...Capra Written by Robert Riskin Photography by Joseph Walker Edited by Maurice...
...story by Clarence Budington Kelland Photography by Joseph Walker Edited by Gene...
...Connell and Robert Presnell Photography by George Barnes Music by Dimitri...
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39. cover
Title: The memory of Tiresias: intertextuality and film online access is available to everyone
Author: I︠A︡mpolʹskiĭ, M. B
Published: University of California Press,  1998
Subjects: Cinema and Performance Arts | Literature | Popular Culture
Publisher's Description: The concept of intertextuality has proven of inestimable value in recent attempts to understand the nature of literature and its relation to other systems of cultural meaning. In The Memory of Tiresias , Mikhail Iamposlki presents the first sustained attempt to develop a theory of cinematic intertex . . . [more]
Matches in book (6):
...article "Cinema: Miracle of Modern Photography," he quotes a letter whose views...
...Fine. Syphilis? If you like. Photography? I don't have any objections. The...
...both shared a peculiar passion for photography, the countess being particularly...
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40. cover
Title: Becoming Chinese: passages to modernity and beyond online access is available to everyone
Author: Yeh, Wen-Hsin
Published: University of California Press,  2000
Subjects: History | China | Asian Literature | Asian History
Publisher's Description: This volume evaluates the dual roles of war and modernity in the transformation of twentieth-century Chinese identity. The contributors, all leading researchers, argue that war, no less than revolution, deserves attention as a major force in the making of twentieth-century Chinese history. Further, . . . [more]
Matches in book (6):
...publishing company to specialize in photography. It also sponsored publication...
...the traditional style (with no photography), is more "fantastic" in content but...
...pornographic books. The invention of photography and its adoption by the modern...
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